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Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Fast, efficient, and honest, Onslow Tint Professionals is striving to become the most reputable and well-known Window Tinting Service in the area. With over 30 years of experience our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.  We offer mobile tinting as well as windshield rock chip repairs!





We are Residential and Commerial window film experts.


 9 Benefits to Home and Storefront Window Tinting.

  1. Energy Conservation
    The temperature inside your home raises when heat from the sun penetrates through traditional glass windows.

  2. Protect Furniture From Fading
    Increase the lifetime of your possessions by reducing fading, which minimizes discolorization, replacement costs and maintenance on your furniture.

  3. Increase Curb Appeal
    Window tints create an aesthetic and provide protection with less maintenance for years to come.

  4. Security
    Window film is a major advantage when it comes to security, as it makes entry more difficult for intruders by holding the glass in place for longer.

  5. Safety
    Should an accident or natural disaster occur, the glass will be held together for longer by the window film.

  6. Glare Reduction
    With reduced glare, your eyes will have less strain, and your vision will be more comfortable.

  7. Low Maintenance
    Window film is water- and scratch-resistant, so you spend less time cleaning your windows.

  8. Increased Privacy
    Window film can limit how much can be seen from outside your home. Most light that hits tinted windows bounces back, creating a mirror-like effect that makes it more challenging to see inside your home.

  9. Window Film Is an Investment
    You will avoid future replacement costs for damaged possessions by installing window film ad window film comes with a warranty!

We offer a wide range of commercial and residential window film solutions.

Call us today for a free estimate.  

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